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Sexton, Bell Ringer & Gravedigger 1 Pvt. Turner Mayes 2 Mary Stokely, daughter of Mary Jane Chadick 3 Governor David P. Lewis 4 Governor Robert Miller Patton 5 Governor Rueben Chapman 6 Mrs. Mahaly "Mammy" Chapman 7 Alberta Chapman Taylor 8 LeRoy Pope Walker 9 Governor Thomas Bibb 10 Dr. David Moore 11 William Brandon 12 Annie Bradshaw Clopton 13 Martha N. Lane, Wife of George Washington Lane 14 Jeremiah Clemens 15 Jane Hamilton Childs 16 Phillip Flannigan, husband of Elizabeth Dale Gibbons Flannigan Jeffries High Brown Routt 17 Dr. Thomas Fearn 18 Mary Chambers Bibb 19 William "Black Bill" Robinson 20 Sheriff Stephen Neal 21 Thomas Freeman 22 George Steele 23 General Bartley M. Lowe 24 Brevet General Gilbert Motier Lafayette Johnson 25 Albert Russel 26 Madam Mollie Teal 27 Unknown Confederate Soldier 28 Col. Egbert J. Jones 29 Governor Clement Comer Clay 30 Mary Lewis Clay 31 Brigadier General Benjamin Patteson 32 Capt. David H. Todd, half-brother of Mary Todd Lincoln 33 Ben P. Hunt, great grandson of John Hunt 34 General W. T. H. Brooks 35 Daniel T. Harrison 36 Henry B. Chase 37 Albert Russel Erskine 38 Jacob Emory Pierce 39 Adalaide Bankhead, mother of Tallulah Bankhead 40 Tracey Pratt 41 Jessup Whitehead 42 Dr. William H. Burritt 43 Kibble Harrison 44 LeRoy Pope 45 John Williams Walker 46 Maria Howard Weeden 47 Virginia Clay-Clopton 48 Clement Claiborne Clay 49 Henrietta Newman Bernstein 50 Isaac Schiffman 51 Lawrence Goldsmith, Sr. 52 Bettie Bernstein Goldsmith 53 Milton Frank 54 Father Jeremiah Trecy 55 Ella Bean 56 Rev. John Munro Bannister 57 James Bradley White 58 Annie C. Merts 59 Luke Matthews 60 Nannie Donnell Hundley 61 Go Here! Sexton, Bell Ringer& Gravedigger 1 1893-1918 Pvt. Turner Mayes 2 1820-1867 Mary Stokely,daughter ofMary Jane Chadick 3 1820-1884 GovernorDavid P. Lewis 4 1809-1885 GovernorRobert Miller Patton 5 1799-1882 GovernorRueben Chapman 6 d. 1879 Mrs. Mahaly"Mammy" Chapman 7 1853-1912 Alberta Chapman Taylor 8 1817-1884 LeRoy Pope Walker 9 1782-1839 GovernorThomas Bibb 10 1779-1845 Dr. David Moore 11 1788-1848 William Brandon 12 1878-1956 Annie BradshawClopton 13 1806-1863 Martha N. Lane,Wife of GeorgeWashington Lane 14 1814-1865 Jeremiah Clemens 15 1806-1882 Jane Hamilton Childs 16 1795-1866 Phillip Flannigan,husband of ElizabethDale GibbonsFlannigan JeffriesHigh Brown Routt 17 1789-1863 Dr. Thomas Fearn 18 1816-1835 Mary ChambersBibb 19 d. 1852 William "Black Bill"Robinson 20 1773-1839 Sheriff Stephen Neal 21 d.1821 Thomas Freeman 22 1798-1855 George Steele 23 d. 1868 General Bartley M. Lowe 24 1837-1871 Brevet General Gilbert Motier LafayetteJohnson 25 1755-1818 Albert Russel 26 1852-1899 MadamMollie Teal 27 UnknownConfederate Soldier 28 1820-1861 Col. Egbert J. Jones 29 1789-1866 GovernorClement Comer Clay 30 1825-1898 Mary Lewis Clay 31 1789-1862 Brigadier GeneralBenjamin Patteson 32 1832-1871 Capt. David H. Todd,half-brother ofMary Todd Lincoln 33 1750-1822 Ben P. Hunt,great grandson ofJohn Hunt 34 1821-1870 GeneralW. T. H. Brooks 35 1860-1940 Daniel T. Harrison 36 1870-1961 Henry B. Chase 37 1871-1933 Albert Russel Erskine 38 1880-1952 Jacob EmoryPierce 39 1902-1968 / 1880-1902 Adalaide Bankhead,mother ofTallulah Bankhead 40 1861-1928 Tracey Pratt 41 1833-1889 Jessup Whitehead 42 1869-1955 Dr. William H.Burritt 43 1857-1915 Kibble Harrison 44 1764-1845 LeRoy Pope 45 1783-1823 John Williams Walker 46 1847-1905 MariaHoward Weeden 47 1823-1915 Virginia Clay-Clopton 48 1817-1882 ClementClaiborne Clay 49 1829-1897 Henrietta NewmanBernstein 50 1856-1910 Isaac Schiffman 51 1883-1972 LawrenceGoldsmith, Sr. 52 1859-1928 Bettie BernsteinGoldsmith 53 1910-1967 Milton Frank 54 1826-1888 Father Jeremiah Trecy 55 1887-1916 Ella Bean 56 1818-1907 Rev. John MunroBannister 57 1845-1911 James BradleyWhite 58 1881-1955 Annie C. Merts 59 1796-1875 Luke Matthews 60 1863-1937 NannieDonnell Hundley 61 Site & Tour Lists

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Sexton, Bell Ringer & Gravedigger

Sexton, Bell Ringer & Gravedigger

Volunteer Daniel Hessler

Welcome to Maple Hill Cemetery, officially established in 1822 when the city purchased two acres from LeRoy Pope. There is evidence that the property had been used previously as a burial site with the earliest surviving headstone dated September 17, 1820. In subsequent years an expanding city acquired additional acres in small increments. A major addition in 1873 provided for Hebrew and Catholic burial grounds. In 1901 the cemetery got its official name—Maple Hill. The cemetery presently encompasses 100 acres and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Maple Hill is in truth a three-dimensional record of Huntsville and Madison County’s history. The grave sites of five governors, five United States Senators, ten United States Representatives, numerous war heroes, and several city founders can be found here. Women also have a strong presence from pioneer days, through the Civil War, into the Temperance and Women’s Suffrage movements, and to cultural and philanthropic activities.

I am the cemetery Sexton, Bell Ringer, Gravedigger and Tour Guide.

This tour is sponsored by the Huntsville Pilgrimage Association and focuses on the “historic” section of the cemetery. The default tour includes approximately 60 graves sequenced to minimize walking. Or you can select a shorter tour featuring Highlights, Governors, Civil War figures, Women or Mausoleums on the map.

The next stop on a tour will be marked with a flag on the map. Click the header or the Sites button for pictures with orientation markers to help you find the grave in the cemetery. Click the header again to see or hear the story of the person who is buried there. Be sure to scroll down the Story page for pictures and more information. Keep clicking the header to cycle through each of the graves of the tour.

If you are looking for a specific grave, tap a tombstone on the map or one of the names in the list at the bottom of the map page.

Scroll down this page for more instructions. You may also find the Help page useful.

If in doubt, tap the header.

Enjoy your visit.

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