Established 1879

Harrison Brothers, the oldest operating hardware store In Alabama, was founded In 1879 when James B. and Daniel T. Harrison opened a tobacco shop on Jefferson Street In 1897 they purchased this building on South Side Square and expanded were remodeled following a 1901 fire, but alterations since then have been minimal. The brothers' stock evolved from tobacco through crockery, furniture, jewelry, appliances and finally into hardware. Two generations of Harrisons ran the business before it was bought in 1984 as a preservation project by the non-profit Historic Huntsville Foundation which operates it today. The buildings were listed on the National Register of Historic Places In 1980.

By: Deane K. Dayton

Rights: Deane K. Dayton

Date: c 2010

Jerry Brown's depiction of the Harrison Brother's Hardware interior.

Jerry Brown
Local Artist

By: Jerry Brown

Rights: © Jerry Brown; Reproduced with the permission of the artist

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Front: Harrison Brothers Hardware Store, Huntsville, Alabama
Back: Harrison Brothers Hardware Store, 124 South Side Square - Huntsville, Alabama
Located on the Courthouse Square since 1897, Harrison Brothers Hardware Store carries a varied line of Hardware, Crockery, Ironware, Chairs, Gifts, and hard-to-find items. The store is operated by the Historic Huntsville Foundation.

Southpaw Postcards
George & Peg Heeschen

Rights: From the postcard collection of George and Peg Heeschen, The Southpaw, Huntsville, Alabama

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